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How can we improve the education system in Pakistan with the old age syllabus? We can’t compete with the modern world of Education with this quality. We are teaching 20+ years old syllabus to our students which is just a joke with the education.

Weighted student funding can help navigate the balance between higher-quality and better supports. Under this program, districts give low-income students, students with disabilities, and other at-risk populations extra “weights” so that additional funding is provided above the base per-pupil level. Funding is allocated to schools based on the number and demographics of students they serve.139 Weighted student funding models provide principals with discretion over the use of schools’ budgets. Principals can build their school budget, staff, and program options to best serve their students. The above-mentioned growth in overall government expenditure on education as a share of GDP cannot be entirely attributed to a wide-spread change in the prioritization of education spending within domestic budgets. The following visualization shows government expenditure on education as a share of total government expenditure.

An advertisement that claims a student can “earn” a degree in much less time than it would take at a legitimate institution is likely evidence that the school is a degree mill. Diploma mills often claim accreditation by a fake accrediting agency to attract more students to their degree programs and make them seem more legitimate. Because diploma mills aren't accredited by a nationally recognized agency, you will not find the institution's accrediting agency on the U.S. Department of Education's List of Nationally Recognized Accrediting Agencies.

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Ranked 3rd among India’s top 45 universities offering quality Distance Education. Whether you need to create a welcome video, record a presentation, or capture an entire lecture, Camtasia makes it simple to engage your students with video. You don’t have to learn complicated video creation tools or workflows. Invite your students to create a welcome video, too, and post them in a discussion board to start building connections. A slow internet connection will hamper a student’s ability to participate online.

During the 1980s and early 1990s, a Federal Bureau of Investigation initiative called “Dipscam” was successful in investigating and bringing charges against the perpetrators of degree mills. However, since that time there has been limited law enforcement activity. It is also probably true that degree mills have grown more sophisticated in avoiding legal problems, perhaps making legal remedies ultimately ineffective. Fewer make false claims as to the nature of the “education” to be gained and its benefits. Hence, individuals would tend to find it difficult to file claims against the degree mill for false advertising.


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