Putting Students At The Center Of Education Funding

However, institutions may give student athletes additional assistance in academic support areas such as tutoring and library services. A student athlete (sometimes written student–athlete) is a participant in an organized competitive sport sponsored by the educational institution in which the student is enrolled. Student-athletes are full-time students and athletes at the same time. Many student athletes receive scholarships to these institutions, but having a scholarship is not mandatory for a student athlete. Also students that are very talented may get scholarships for playing a particular sport.

It is important for the instructors to develop a sense of community between the sites, achieve maximum participation, and get the participants to buy in to the process. The idea of learning as a collaborative process is very important when students are separated by distance. According to research by Palloff and Pratt , “collaborative learning processes assists students to achieve deeper levels of knowledge generation through the creation of shared goals, shared exploration, and a shared process of meaning making” (pg. 6).

When analysing correlates, determinants and consequences of education consumption, the macro data indicates that national expenditure on education does not explain well cross-country differences in learning outcomes. This is indicative of a complex ‘education production function’ whereby for any given level of expenditure, output achieved depends crucially on the input mix. Private investors in tourism and hotels as well as local business peoples have contributed significantly to the construction of school buildings and provision of utilities. In community schools, private individuals contribute to the payment of teachers' salaries, tuition, and materials. In addition, private investors have built and are operating private schools.


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