You Wont Lose Your Money If Your Child Attends Another School

In addition to benefiting students and their families, tuition resets can help spur higher enrollment numbers and make it easier for colleges to control student costs. Effectively, universities can make up for the discount in volume if more students take advantage of rate resets because they're less susceptible to sticker shock. Schools that sponsor prepaid tuition plans can establish their own program criteria and eligibility requirements. Most schools require full-time enrollment and may not accept students who receive certain forms of financial assistance.

While I acknowledge that this study involves only one school, there certainly is no automatic pass into popularity, including for those who play college sports. Funding and financial aid for student-athletes comes in multiple forms, including grants and scholarships. Grants and non-athletic scholarships are common at NCAA and NJCAA D3 institutions. Student-athletes with exceptional academic records and standout athletic abilities may be eligible for a full-ride scholarship. A full-ride covers the entire cost of college, including tuition, room and board, textbooks, and sometime living expenses. Most schools require those students on a full-ride to maintain a high GPA and engage in various extracurricular activities on campus and in the community.

Educational Resource Inequality

In addition to being affordable, University of the People employs academic leadership from renowned universities around the world, allowing equal opportunity for students to access quality education. While this study offers useful information regarding undergraduate students’ perception and receptivity in taking DE courses, it has limited generalizability because of the size of the sample and the type of statistical analysis performed. Participants from two of the countries were enrolled in teacher education programs and were primarily female, thus future studies would benefit from including more students in diverse programs and a more equitable gender distribution. Access and affordability of technology has rapidly increased over the last decade which may help explain this inconsistency.

He suggests that instead of using technology to replicate traditional methods, it should be used to improve instruction. Holmberg also discusses these two schools of thought and concludes that distance education as a mode of education in its own right has very different consequences (than viewing it as a substitute for face-to-face instruction). The instructor must decide which attitude they will adopt because it has a profound impact on their approach to instruction. Ventura College offers convenient, cutting edge, online courses via distance education. At Ventura College Distance Education Courses are hosted on the Canvas Learning Platform and provide students with instruction, announcements, communication, course activity, course materials, group projects, video, assessment, and more. Distance education is another way of providing high quality education to students who work, and/or have family obligations that prevent them from coming to campus for classes.


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